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Skyelume team has almost half a century, 50 years combined experience of design and supply into construction projects, offering integral lighting solutions into a diverse range of industries.  Operating in the region since 2012 Skyelume are a leading advisor and supplier of lighting fixtures, lighting controls and bespoke lighting solutions with a strong focus on LED.  




SKYELUME is a progressive company, and our passion reflects the energy and excitement we have for what we do. We seek out the possibilities our products can open up for customers and approach each project with optimism and positivity.


SKYELUME aims to make you feel at ease, and take a relaxed, knowledgable and helpful approach. Engaging with customers to become part of their culture. We are friendly but not overly familiar.


SKYELUME knows what’s new and we know what’s next, so we’re able to help you make the most of available technology. The position we’ve earned in the market enables us to talk with authority and we always seek to inspire, focusing on the benefits.


As a resourceful company SKYELUME likes to get things done and make things better. We are refreshingly straightforward. Some aspects of a new project can be very technical so we take great care to avoid ambiguity and jargon.


Dougall Harvison

Owner & Director

Dougall has over 15 years experience in the design and construction industry. Born in Queensland Australia he arrived in the region in 2006. Quickly establishing a great network, being consistently approached for the ability to manage and support high value projects from feasibility through to commissioning. With a background in design Dougall has a passion for producing unique solutions on each project. As sole owner of Skyelume, Dougall will most often be found in front of customers establishing new contacts and promoting the Skyelume brand.

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Lighting Solutions

Supporting front end project management, architects & designers. All enquiries are treated confidentially and replied to within 24hrs.


Procurement and Bespoke Enquiries

Lighting Supply & Custom Made Fixtures

Ensuring quality with our vast network of suppliers. Custom making unique fixtures that meet the creative requirement of our customer base.


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